Casey at the Bat

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Customer Comments

Customer Comments

“At last, two of my loves - baseball and classical music - united at last.   This is a wonderful piece that the entire family will enjoy.  Besides, they've got Casey wearing pinstripes.” 

–  George M. Steinbrenner III, New York Yankees

Casey at the Bat

Casey at the Bat story and music CD or MP3 download
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Music by Stephen Simon

When the Mudville Nine are almost certain to lose the game, Mighty Casey takes his turn at bat, and the fans hold their breath as each pitch is thrown.

The upbeat, jazzy music performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra is highlighted by cheering crowds, vendors hawking their wares, the cheers of spectators and the sounds of the ball being hit, which bring the story to life.

A 24-page activity book, included with the CD, contains the complete Ernst Lawrence Thayer poem, amazing facts about baseball, sheeet music, as well as games and puzzles. MP3 download from Maestro Classics website includes a PDF of the activity booklet.

Album also includes a Suzuki tango play-along, “In a Cabin in a Wood” song, and Flight of the Rabbit, as story in music in less than 3 minutes.


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For all ages.

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1. Casey at the Bat

The complete poem is set to a jaunty, rollicking score.

2. About the Poem

Learn about the poet, a young, unknown journalist, and how the poem became famous.

3. The Casey March

The Michigan State University Band plays The Casey March.

4. In a Cabin in a Wood

The composer describes the relationship between music and words.

5. Flight of the Rabbit

Learn how music can tell a story without words.

6. Casey à la Suzuki

The march is transformed into a Suzuki-style piece performed by young violinists.

7. Maestro Talks About the Music

Discover how a composer creates a musical score.

8. Now That You Know a Little More...

You are invited to listen again to see how much more you hear in the music.

9. Want to Have Some Fun?

Get ready to play.

10/11. The Casey Tango Play Along

Play the Suzuki version of The Casey March with the tango backup group.


Total Duration: 35:00 Minutes