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  • When should my children start Maestro Classics?
    The Maestro Classics Stories in Music™ series is enjoyed by children of all ages and can be found in homes & classrooms around the world. ​Most parents and teachers use Maestro Classics with students who are between kindergarten and the eighth grade. However, it's never too early (or too late!) to introduce classical music. Newborns and Preschoolers respond well to the symphonic music on each CD/MP3. And as they grow, will utilize the educational components found in the music appreciation tracks and the activity booklets. Purchasing the complete 12 CD Set or MP3 Collection for young children is a wise investment. The recordings will pay for themselves many times over as children will listen, discover, and explore the sounds and stories told by the orchestra for years to come. Elementary and Middle School students can take full advantage of the music, stories, and educational materials presented in all the CDs, MP3s, & activity books. Be sure to explore the free educational resources which supplement each recording. Adults also love Maestro Classics! Parents appreciate the incredible sound quality of these recordings (featuring the world famous London Philharmonic Orchestra), and we often hear from professional musicians and teachers who are pleasantly surprised to learn new facts about their favorite composers and compositions. ​If you want your family to cultivate a love and appreciation for classical music, the Maestro Classics Stories in Music™ series is the best place to begin!
  • Should I play the CDs in a specific order?
    You can listen to any CD/MP3 at any time, but here's a guide we've put together to help parents make the right listening decisions for their family. ​ This is a wonderful place to begin your musical journey and is the original "story in music." Every child growing up should hear this! ​ 1. Peter and the Wolf ​These story-based titles are perfect for young children and are an excellent way to continue the series: ​ 2. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel 3. The Tortoise and the Hare 4. Juanita the Spanish Lobster 5. The Nutcracker These recordings have an equal emphasis on story and music and are suitable for children of all ages. ​ 6. Carnival of the Animals 7. The Story of Swan Lake 8. Casey at the Bat 9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice 10. My Name is Handel You can end the series with these two titles, which are great for older children. 11. The Soldier's Tale 12. Merry Pranks of Master Till
  • Where can I play the MP3s?
    You can download the MP3 albums on any type of device and on as many devices as you like.
  • Can I download the MP3s onto my phone?
    Yes. Most people are able to directly download the digital MP3 albums onto their mobile device. If you have any trouble, just contact us and we will send you an alternate download link.
  • I downloaded an MP3 album and the tracks are all out of order. What can I do?
    When you have the files open on your computer or mobile device, find a way to rearrange the files so that they go in order of "Name" or "Alphabetically." Every device does this a bit differently - you might need to click on settings, or the three dots in the corner, or simply the tab that says "Name" to sort them. The tracks are all numbered so when you order them alphabetically, they will sort themselves into the correct order for playing.
  • Do you have instructions for downloading onto an iPhone?
    When you click the “Download" link in your order email on your iPhone, it should download the albums into the “Files” folder on your phone. You can listen to them directly within that app, or copy them to another app like Dropbox or Google Drive. Some people have trouble with these apps in that they don’t play the next track automatically, you’d have to manually select the next track to listen. If this happens to you, we recommend downloading the albums onto your computer and putting them into iTunes. Then you can transfer to your phone and they should play seamlessly within that app. If you have the tracks in the "Files" folder on your phone but the tracks are out of order, tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. In the third subsection, tap "Name" and it will sort the tracks so that they go in numerical order. (Tap "Name" again if they are backwards, as in counting down instead of up.)
  • I'm having download issues. What can I do?
    Please contact us anytime at or during opening hours via the live chat at the bottom right corner of our website. We will help you troubleshoot the problem, and/or send you an alternate download link that you can use.
  • I have two coupon codes but your website is only allowing me to use one. Can I use both?
    Unfortunately, our company policy is only one coupon code per order. Please pick the better of the two!
  • What does the activity booklet look like?
    When you order a CD, the activity booklet comes as a 5"x5" booklet inside the CD pack. When you order an MP3, the activity booklet comes as a downloadable PDF. Both versions have the same content and are in color.
  • If I purchase the CD, can I also get a PDF version of the activity booklet even though it already comes with the physical version?"
    We totally understand that many families have multiple kids, or even just one kid who likes to do the activities in the booklet over and over. We are happy to email you the PDF version of the activity booklet if you purchase the CD. Just send us an email at and include your order number or receipt from your purchase, and we'll get that right over to you.
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