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Customer Reviews

"This set is amazing. My kids exposure to such beautiful music and stories truly enrich her. She loves listening to the music and stories on the set. I never knew before buying this set that my daughter liked music so much." 


"This is a great bundle of compact discs for pre-school through elementary school. It is a wonderful learning tool for teaching children about composers, classical music, and the orchestra. It's also a really fun activity for any classroom! I highly recommend this product to music teachers, preschool and elementary school teachers, and parents. I use them in the classroom as well as in my home. They are great for car rides and rainy days inside." 

Anne - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher

"I love this! My kids are learning about instruments, stories behind the music, foreign languages and composers and their life. They can't wait to hear the next CD!" 

- Susan

"This set is beautiful - the packaging, the music, everything."


"Love this musical CD set! Only wish there were even more! My kids, 6 & 8 love listening to these in the car, continuing to rotate through all of them. Great educational value as well, with information about composers and composition and instruments presented in an engaging way."

- Jennifer from Michigan

"This set of CDs is very much worth the small investment. I have used these in the vehicles, in my homeschooling and even at bedtime. They love the incredible variety of stories and the collection of various music. Well made, fantastic little booklet. If a second set comes out, I will be purchasing!" 


"The variety is fantastic.. Even the adults are learning and loving the music. Great value in the big pack."

- Stephen

"The Maestro Classics are so much better than having some kiddie movie soundtrack while we drive and my 10 year old is much happier we have something different to listen to in our commute. At least with this, we can have a mini music appreciation class while we're on the road and the colored booklets that it comes with are perfect to follow along since it gives some background to the composer. Some run for about 45 minutes to an hour so this classical collection ensures there are no repeats per car ride."


"It took me about two days to warm up to these CDs. At first I thought they wouldn't hold the attention of my kids. I was wrong. My 5-year-old loves classical music and absolutely loves listening to the stories and music on these discs. This is a huge improvement to our in-car listening, which before was a set of Disney tapes from the 1990s. This bundle is a really good deal." 

- Wendy

"I like CDs since that easily makes car time educational. I also have a Bluetooth enabled CD player in my kid's room where they can freely choose audio books to enjoy. We haven't made it through the entire collection actually, but I'm reviewing anyway because  just what we've listened to makes this worth it. My kids want to re-listen to their favorites, which is excellent, since repetition fosters memory and mastery. The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Peter the Wolf are currently enjoying the top spot and even my toddler demands the music and is memorizing it."

O. Fischer

"In our media driven world it is sometimes difficult to find something that captures the attention with a desire to know more in the minds of my kids. These CD's are wonderful at doing both. My kids enjoy listening (mostly in the car) and knowing more about the music along with the composers. What a treat it is to hear a piece we have just "studied" in a store's piped in music, as a radio or television jingle, or as a base to contemporary music."


"My kids (8 and 7) love these cds! They ask to listen to them over and over. We use them as part of our homeschool curriculum and in the car. All the music and narrations are really great quality and the extra tracks always give great background info and fun little extras. It's a lot to spend at one time but if you look at the price per cd, that makes this set a really great value!" 


"This set of cds is superb. The narration is great and has very informative musical tidbits. The orchestra is wonderful too. We have learnt so much about the different styles of music from the cds and my children begged to listen to them during our road trip." 

Pei Ling 

"I wanted to teach my kids (8 and 9) music appreciation, but I don't have a lot of background in it myself. These CDs have filled my need - the booklets provide information about the composers, the cultural background of the piece, information about the instruments, and activities (some more exciting for my daughter than son, but it is a nice resource). The music itself is of good quality, and the program provides enough information for my kids to "get" it. They look forward to listening to the next CD and like to attempt the music on the piano (they aren't quite skilled enough yet, but they do get some of it). I think it's a great way to incorporate culture into the curriculum." 

- Jennifer

"We have not listened to all of these yet, but the ones we have listened too have been wonderful! I really enjoy the way that deeper reflection on the pieces is encouraged gently, without rigidly telling the listener what they must think or feel. Casey at Bat has become the memory work for my son and he is having a blast re-visiting that particular CD!"


"These cds are wonderful. The music is well done, the stories are fun to listen to, and there are interesting educational tracks included on each cd. My children love them and I know we will use them often! We've only had them for 4 days and already Mike Mulligan has been played at least 3 times."


Easter Egg
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