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The Nutcracker
Music by Tchaikovsky
​Feat. Storyteller Jim Weiss
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The Nutcracker
Includes activity booklet
Includes activity booklet PDF
About The Nutcracker

It's Christmas eve and Clara and Fritz's parents are throwing their annual holiday party. The mysterious guest, the toymaker Herr Drosselmeyer, arrives with life-size dancing dolls to entertain the family and their guests, but he saves his most special gift for his god-daughter Clara, a nutcracker doll. That night, the tree begins to grow, the toy soldiers and the Mouse King have a battle, and Clara's nutcracker turns into a handsome prince. This child-friendly adaptation of the complete ballet score is given a beautiful retelling of the story by Jim Weiss, America's premiere storyteller.

This one-hour version of the world's most famous ballet, where Clara receives a nutcracker for Christmas and wonderful things begin to happen, will delight young and old alike! 

Recommended for ages 5+ and families

* Want to download the album directly into iTunes/Apple Music on your mobile device? Click here to purchase from the iTunes store. 

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Just the beautiful music! 
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