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Maestro Classics Reviews

"Conductor Stephen Simon and narrator Yadu continue the series of fun and informative introductions to symphonic music and other that kids and their parents can enjoy." 

- The Washington Post

"The Superb London Philharmonic Orchestra provides excellent instrumental accompaniment...Another fantastic, unique introduction to classical music for children from Maestro Classics." 

- School Library Journal

"If your little ones are past the age of getting their classical music from Baby Einstein, here is the perfect next step." 

- Entertainment Weekly

"...Provides a solid , hummable introduction to musical thinking..." 

- Time Out New York

"You don't have to love classical music to fall under the enchanting spell of Stephen Simon's magical production."

- Parents' Choice Awards 

"An excellent melding of children's literature and beautiful music, this welcome addition to audio collections is a fun innovative way to introduce music and a classical tale to youngsters."

- American Library Association Booklist

"On this recording not only do you get a superb symphonic recording featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra...but also there are some additional audio pieces that tastefully extend and enhance the story." 

- Chicago Parent

"At last, two of my loves-baseball and classical music-united" 

- George M. Steinbrenner III, New York Yankees

"Want to pepper your child's playlist with some classical music? The Story of Swan Lake is a great place to start..." 

- Disney FamilyFun

“…Thank you for showing me that we are far from alone in our belief that a fired-up imagination is a student’s best guide to education...I loved it."

- Scott Noppe-Brandon, Executive Director, Lincoln Center Institute 

 "The delightful adaptation blends richly created music themes and enhanced vocabulary in the storytelling to help children hone listening skills and build musical memories."

"… Other aspects of the work that I enjoyed were the implied work ethic of the story, the mix of solo and group speaking, the stopping points in the story, and the archetypal “back story” of Mike Mulligan… Finally the music was beautiful… a real massage for the ears.” 

- Peggy D. Bennett, PhD, Professor of Music Education, The Conservatory of Music at Oberlin College

 "It's an outstanding self-contained music lesson simplified and made enjoyable for younger listeners...An excellent choice to help children develop an appreciation of music, wonderful for parents and educators alike."

- AudioFile Magazine

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