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What Instrument Should I Play?

Welcome to a new interview series from Maestro Classics called "What Instrument Should I Play?" Watch and listen while Maestro Classics Executive Producer and Creative Director Bonnie Ward Simon interviews professional musicians about how they started their instrument and where that fateful choice has taken them.

Episode 1:

The Flute

Bonnie Ward Simon interviews Jessica Kelly, a professional flutist and the General Manager of Maestro Classics. They discuss everything from starting a band instrument to making a sound on the flute to playing Broadway shows! Special appearances by flute and classical guitar ensemble Redbrick Duo and a surprise guest - watch til the end!

Episode 2:

The Violin

Bonnie Ward Simon interviews violinist Suzy Perelman about starting the violin at a very young age, the Suzuki Method, and her career as a professional violinist in New York City.

Episode 3:

The Pipe Organ

Bonnie Ward Simon interviews professional organist, David Enlow. They talk about how David became interested in the organ and began playing at a young age, how the pipe organ works, and how the instrument has been used from announcing gladiator fights in ancient Rome to performances in modern concert halls.


David also demonstrates playing the pipe organ - with his hands and his feet!


David Enlow plays the pipe organ on Maestro Classics' most recent album, Bach and the Pipe Organ.

Episode 4:

The Clarinet

Bonnie Ward Simon interviews professional clarinetist Garrett Hack. They discuss "doubling" on multiple wind instruments, playing in Broadway shows, and tips for playing the clarinet and dealing with reeds. Our first remote Zoom interview of the series.

Episode 5:

The Violin

In Episode 5 of "What Instrument Should I Play?" Bonnie Ward Simon interviews professional violinist Sharon Yamada. They discuss Sharon's position in the New York Philharmonic, how she started playing at age 3.5 on a teeny tiny violin, the orchestra audition process, violin bows...and much more!

Episode 6:

The Bassoon

In Episode 6 of "What Instrument Should I Play?" Bonnie Ward Simon interviews professional bassoonist Stephanie Corwin about how she started playing the bassoon, how the bassoon is assembled and played, bassoon reeds, and more. Watch bonus videos all about bassoon reeds and playing historical bassoons

Episode 7:

The French Horn

Bonnie Ward Simon interviews student French hornist Luke Suter about how he started playing the French horn, his experience at a performing arts high school in New York City, how the French horn is played, fun facts about the French horn, and more.

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