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A Fun Mike Mulligan Video

Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann embark on a real life digging adventure! Watch the video to see them in action, set to the Mike Mulligan Song with lyrics.

Fun activity: Can you spot the dog in the video?

About Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Mike has a steam shovel named Mary Ann. When steam shovels become obsolete, Mike refuses to give up his old friend and together they travel to find one last job. Virginia Lee Burton’s classic American children's book, a childhood favorite for generations, is brought to life with beautiful new music for orchestra and Irish bagpipes. A tale of loyalty and friendship, perseverance and good ideas, this musical CD featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra is the recipient of numerous awards including a Parents’ Choice Gold Award. After Peter and the Wolf, this is the next musical work all children should know. 


Join Mike Mulligan on a musical adventure with narrator and orchestra, a biography of Virginia Lee Burton and the composer, Stephen Simon, a fun sing-along, and an activity booklet. Also available is the free Mike Mulligan curriculum guide with educational resources for parents & teachers.

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