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Bach and the Organ - Children's Choir

Children's Choir from St. James in New York City will be singing on the new CD!

Yesterday I went to hear the Children's Choir at St. James Church on Madison Ave. in New York City. The younger choir members are adorable and the tweens appropriately stylish. Their wonderful choir director, Loraine Enlow is the most fun choir director I have ever seen. She made me want to join her choir on the spot. The choir will sing The "I Like Bach, because he is so fun-u-ny..."  It is a round based on the main theme of Bach's Fugue in G Minor, also known as the "Little Fugue." You will be able to hear them on Track 3 of the CD/MP3 and get a chance to sing it yourselves at the end of the album. I guarantee, you will never forget this tune by Bach. Our task now is to coral all the young people for one day of recording - we only have a small window with Memorial Day weekend and end of school upon us, but everyone is excited so it will happen, I am sure.



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