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Cute Ways to Listen - Hello Kitty CD Players/MP3 Players

If you are looking for a VERY cute way to give a Maestro Classics CD to a little girl you know, think about these. I found these Hello Kitty products at P.C. Richards & Son while looking for a refrigerator for my mother. (Confessions to a wandering eye while shopping!) One is a CD player and the other is a Bluetooth speaker. かわいいです! ("It's cute" in Japanese - pronounced "Ka-Wa-eye Dess") Kawaii is "cute." Dess is "it is."

These were the kind of boom boxes that my children had to play music on, but I thought the Hello Kitty! ones were adorable. I first met Hello Kitty in Japan 30 years ago. We all laughed thinking, "How cute! How very Japanese!" and then a decade later they came to the USA. I never dreamt that Hello Kitty products would still be around 30 years later. I guess, "Once cute - always cute!"

- Bonnie Ward Simon

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