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Glowing Review of "Merry Pranks of Master Till" by Mommy Maestra!

Mommy Maestra expressed some wonderful thoughts in regards to our new CD, the "Merry Pranks of Master Till", which features music by Richard Strauss and a performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Not only did she enjoy the music, story and activity book, but Mommy Maestra also shared her opinion on the free curriculum guides in history, science, geography, language arts, music, art and math which accompany the CD/MP3.  These curriculum guides have interactive links, games and videos and are available for every Maestro Classics title. You can download them all for FREE at When you're done reading Mommy Maestra's review of "Merry Pranks of Master Till" you may want revisit her 2012 review of "Juanita the Spanish Lobster".

"Maestro Classics has continued to be one of my favorite resources for introducing my children to classical music. Not only do they absolutely LOVE to listen to the stories in music - do YOU know anyone who doesn't love/recognize the story and music of Peter and the Wolf? - but I love the activities and lesson plans that accompany each album. You can get any of the albums as a CD or MP3. We've used both. Merry Pranks for Master Till is the newest album from Maestro Classics. It features music of the great composer Richard Strauss. This musical work is actually one of Strauss' tone poems and is considered one the best tone poems ever composed even though most of his audiences didn't understand or like it at the time of its release." CONTINUE READING AT MOMMYMAESTRA.COM

-J.P. McShane

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