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Learn about a new composer: John Williams

Who May Be Remembered as the Greatest Composer of the 20th Century? The Head of One of America’s Leading Music Conservatories Said…. John Williams Who??? Think: Jaws, Star WarsE.T., Indiana Jones, Superman, Schindler's ListHome Alone, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter These famous movie scores were all composed by John Williams Probably more people in the world have heard the music of John Williams than any other 20th Century composer. (Sorry Stravinsky & Prokofiev)  So…. Who is he???


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John Williams is an American composer, conductor, and pianist, and is considered the greatest film composer of all time, composing some of the most recognizable and critically acclaimed film scores in cinematic history. Williams was born in Long Island, New York in 1932. In 1948 his family moved to Los Angeles; in 1951 

Williams was drafted into the U.S. Air Force as a musician; and in 1955, he moved back to New York and attended the Juilliard School, where he studied piano. After returning again to Los Angeles, he began working as a session musician and started composing for many television shows and films.