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Learn about major and minor keys

Updated: Jun 8, 2020


Watch this fun video to learn about the difference between a major key and a minor key and what they sound like.


Get a refresher on the musical alphabet and how to read notes on the staff. Learn about ledger lines. Then learn about note values (i.e. quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes) and how to count them.


Time for some questions!

1. What is a ledger line?

2. What type of note gets 1 beat? Can you draw it?

3. What type of note gets 2 beats? Can you draw it?

4. What type of note gets 4 beats? Can you draw it?

5. What are some adjectives that can describe a major key?

6. What are some adjectives that can describe a minor key?



1. Ledger lines notate pitches above or below the lines and spaces of the regular musical staff, allowing us to add extra notes outside the staff.

2. Quarter note

3. Half note

4. Whole note

5. For example: Happy, triumphant, bright, cheerful, exciting, fun, stable

6. For example: Melancholy, scary, sad, bittersweet, mysterious, solemn, ominous


Bonus Question: 

Guess the composer of the music playing at 3:10 during this scene in the first video!

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