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Rave Review for Merry Pranks of Master Till in Midwest Book Review!

"Part of the delightful "Maestro Classics" CD series, Merry Pranks of Master Till is intended for listeners ages 7 to adult, and features a superb performance from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Merry Pranks of Master Till is a tone poem - a creative blend of music and narrative, telling the story of a trickster and the pranks he plays on unsuspecting people. Adapted from an 1895 classic, which is in turn based on German folklore, the saga of Till's unabashedly cheerful mischief is upbeat, laugh-out-loud fun. A treat from beginning to end, Merry Pranks of Master Till is enthusiastically recommended for personal and public library collections alike! 48 min."  -Midwest Book Review

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