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New Series from Maestro Classics: "What Instrument Should I Play?"

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Welcome to a new interview series from Maestro Classics called "What Instrument Should I Play?" Watch and listen while Maestro Classics Executive Producer and Creative Director Bonnie Ward Simon interviews professional musicians about how they started their instrument and where their fateful choice has taken them.

Episode 1: The Flute

Bonnie Ward Simon interviews Jessica Kelly, a professional flutist and the General Manager of Maestro Classics. They discuss everything from starting a band instrument to making a sound on the flute to playing Broadway shows! Special appearances by flute and classical guitar ensemble Redbrick Duo and a surprise guest - watch til the end!

Additional Resources

If you want to learn the flute, or even if you already play and just want to get better, here's a great tutor website to subscribe to:

Dr. McBrearty has courses and masterclasses that you can purchase that work on either specific aspects of playing the flute, like tone and technique, or that cover more general aspects of playing, like her "Beginner Flute Instruction" or "Beyond Beginner Flute" courses.



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