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Why so many parents are choosing to homeschool their kids

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

In a recent Washington Post article, journalists asked homeschool parents to share their reasons for homeschooling their children. Thousands of parents ended up writing in. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds and living in different places all across the country, they all agree that choosing to homeschool their children was the right decision for their family, and they were eager to share why.

Classical music for kids; homeschool

The article sheds light on the growing trend of homeschooling and its impact on families' lives and choices. Each parent discuss their homeschooling approaches, struggles, successes, and most importantly, the reasons they chose homeschooling over traditional schooling. Some factors include:

  • Addressing special needs

  • Health concerns/COVID-19 vulnerabilities

  • Family involvement

  • Educational philosophies

  • The desire to provide religious or cultural education

  • The desire for personalized learning experiences

Creating Personalized Learning Experiences

Many homeschool families celebrate the fact that by homeschooling, they are able to dedicate ample time to subjects that the child is especially interested in. Whether that means spending extra time focusing on math, history, or music, they are really able to delve into the subject.

Homeschool parents are able to raise culturally-aware children and can provide them with a deeper understanding of various subjects. As homeschooling has become more popular over the years, more and more resources have emerged to provide parents with materials to support their homeschools. However, the number of resources available now can make it overwhelming to try to pick the ones that will be right for your family.

For families wishing to expand their child's music education, Maestro Classics Stories in Music makes it easy. Each Maestro Classics CD or MP3 album serves as a sort of "lesson in a box," consisting of:

  • Classical music with an engaging narrated story

  • Educational tracks that discuss the history of the music, the life of the composer, where the story came from, and the opportunity to delve inside the conductor’s or composer’s head

  • An activity booklet

Maestro Classics also has free curriculum guides for homeschool families. These lesson plans can be used by parents and teachers to combine music with math, language arts, science, history, geography, art and more, and enable parents to bring a new dimension to core curriculum studies. Parents can make history come alive with My Name is Handel while learning about King George I of England, or learn about Ancient Greek storytellers like Aesop with The Tortoise and the Hare.



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