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Carnival of the Animals MP3

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Includes activity booklet PDF

Carnival of the Animals MP3

  • "Elephants are useful friends,
    They come with handles at both ends..."


    The Story: American poet Ogden Nash was invited to write a series of humorous animal poems to go with Saint-Saëns' musical composition. 
    Lions roar, elephants dance, roosters whistle, and fossils clatter in this brilliant, new child-friendly recording of Carnival of the Animals. (Many people know this music from Disney's movie ​Fantasia 2000.) Conductor Stephen Simon with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Young Concert Artists' winners, pianists Donna Kwong and Wendy Chen give this recording a wonderful, youthful interpretation.

    The Extras: The activity booklet PDF includes a biography on Camille Saint-Saëns and sheet music and lyrics for the "Au Clair de la Lune" sing-along. The booklet also contains the complete Ogden Nash versus illustrated by Anne Wildsorf so that you can follow along with the music.

    After listening, download the free ​C​arnival of the Animals curriculum guide with unit studies in math, science, history & more! Use them with the music to create your own Carnival of the Animals activities & homeschool lessons and print out these Au Clair de la Lune sheet music duets for students.
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