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The Soldier's Tale CD

About The Soldier's Tale


The Soldier's Tale (L'Histoire du soldat) is Stravinsky's greatest work for narrator and orchestra.  It is the story of a soldier, on leave from the army, who trades his old violin for a magic book that can tell the future and make him rich. He soon discovers, however, that he has made a deal with the devil and that money does not bring happiness.

Featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Grammy nominated conductor Stephen Simon, Narrator Yadu and a guest appearance by the Amazing Baz, this is the best way to introduce your children to Igor Stravinksy, one of the world's most famous and influential composers.

The enclosed activity book contains a biography of Stravinsky, The Soldier's Tale story with illustrations by Brigitta Sif, and more! After purchasing the CD/MP3 enjoy the free Soldier's Tale Word Search, Stravinky Crossword Puzzle and visit the curriculum guide page for lessons in music, art, math, science, history, geography and language arts.


The Soldier's Tale CD

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