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People Always Ask Me...

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles often ask me about the series and where to begin.

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Maestro Classics "Stories & Music" CD & mp3
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People Always Ask Me...

  • What are these CDs?

    A series of CDs that introduce children to classical music through stories. Music and story are of equal importance.

  • Why should I buy these CDs?

    They are entertaining and educational, with brilliant performances by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the greatest recording orchestra in the world. Parents enjoy and learn too. Remember, music is important for brain development at all ages.

  • What else is on the CDs?
    • Life and times of the composer and author
    • Different musical genres – rock, folk, Dixieland, etc.
    • Conductor talking about the music
    • Original work with or without narration
    • Sing-along/play-along/dance-along karaoke track
  • How many CDs are there in the series?

    Currently, 7 in English, 1 in Spanish, 2 more are coming soon.

  • What ages?

    Ages 5-12

  • Where to begin listening to Maestro Classics CDs (by age)?
    • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel – timeless classic story
    • Peter and the Wolf – every child should own this great work
    • Tortoise and the Hare – a very fun version of this tale
    • Juanita the Spanish Lobster – sassy and funny from an English composer
    • Swan Lake – some of Tchaikovsky's most beautiful music
    • Casey at the Bat – everybody loves baseball, right?
    • Sorcerer's Apprentice – magical story and exciting music
    • Juanita la langosta española – great for anyone speaking or studying Spanish
  • Can I listen before buying?

    Click on any CD and begin.